“…perfectly exudes these themes in a way that audiences can relate to.”
Film Threat
Kyle Bain

“an overall delightful film that I can not recommend enough.”
Trainwreck’d Society

“Between the earth and the moon….there is so much to love.  Red Rover is something to throw your arms around.”
Reel Reviews
Loron Hays

“RED ROVER leaves you charged with a warm, vibrant glow, delivering a much-needed slice of feel-good at a time when that’s exactly what everyone needs.”
My Bloody Reviews
Sean Cockwell

“a movie that deftly walks a tightrope between being intriguing and overly precocious, but thankfully always ends up on the right side of that line.”
The Gate
Andrew Parker

“There is enough heart and care in Red Rover that it will make you appreciate life on Earth.”
Goomba Stomp
Christopher Cross

“A winning look at losing.”
What She Said
Anne Brodie

“Belcourt and … Murray find a lovely contrast between the scope of interplanetary travel and Damon’s own internal journey … Bruun builds a marvellous performance out of that situation.”
Norman Wilner
NOW Magazine

The most excellent of news – you can now watch RED ROVER on a variety of online platforms … for rent or purchase!

IndieCan Entertainment Inc. is excited to announce that Toronto-filmed RED ROVER will be released on digital and on demand on May 12th.

The film will be available in Canada on iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo VOD, Bell VOD and Shaw VOD.

In the USA you can find the film on iTunes, Google Pay, Amazon Video, Vimeo VOD, DirectTV, and InDemand.

We thank all of these platforms for taking Red Rover on and we hope you can find the film there easily enough.